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eō Business Incubators (eō) is Ukraine’s #1 incubation and acceleration program. Fueled by over 60 mentors from around the world, eō conducts a 3-month curriculum designed to support Ukrainian entrepreneurs and founders in launching and scaling their industry-changing technology businesses.

Due to the war, we have waived an equity fee requirement for Ukrainian founders and adjusted the curriculum. We made it more flexible with lectures held once per week and repeated during the same week. We increased the number of sessions with eō staff and mentors to address directly your business needs.

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Expert-led sessions covering all the fundamentals:


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During the program, you will get paired with 2 or more mentors.

Throughout the incubation program, you will work with matched mentors for about one hour every week.

Group Mentoring ‘Pitch Practices’ sessions are being held at the end of the incubation program. It’s a chance for you to practice pitching and work on your investor pitch deck.


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